ACA and the Basics of Health Insurance Exchanges _OH


Despite many challenges since it was first enacted, the Affordable Care Act remains in place, as do the health insurance exchanges through which many individuals buy their health insurance coverage. This course provides an overview of the ACA and the requirements it imposes on health insurance plans, as well as the federal and state health insurance exchanges created by the ACA, including how they function and how they operate. 

Learning Objectives

Upon completion, students will be able to:

  • demonstrate an understanding of the purpose and functions of a health insurance exchange
  • describe the kinds of health plans and other coverage that exchanges offer
  • describe the financial assistance available through an exchange to certain low- and moderate-income individuals and their dependents
  • explain how individuals and small businesses can enroll in exchange plans
  • demonstrate an understanding of the types of consumer assistance available through the exchanges, and the role the law envisions for agents and brokers in federally facilitated and partnership exchanges

Designed For

Life and health insurance producers; financial advisors

Note: Producers are advised that this course is not intended to provide the required training for those who want to work with the federal or a state's exchange nor may it be used as a substitute for the required exchange training.
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