Legal Update I (2020-2021)


Texas real estate licensees face a changing marketplace in which quick decisions can make the difference in closing a transaction. Maintaining competence in this increasingly competitive profession demands that licensees receive up-to-date information on new statutes and rules, legal definitions, and forms as they apply to real estate licensees in Texas. This four-hour course explores the latest TREC rule updates and important changes to contracts and disclosure documents. Numerous case studies and examples throughout the course illustrate best practices that licensees should follow to ensure compliance with the law.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion, students will be able to:

  • understand the latest TREC rule updates and changes to the Texas Real Estate License Act that affect brokerage practices
  • describe changes to the Seller's Disclosure Notice and when the Notice must be used
  • understand how to determine if a property is in a flood plain and what happens during a hydrostatic test
  • explain key changes to the TREC addenda and the one-to-four family residential contract
  • describe protections given to tenants during building foreclosures and how to lawfully use consumer reports and tenant screening procedures
  • identify acts that constitute the unauthorized practice of law
  • explain how licensees can protect themselves and clients from cyber fraud

Designed For

Texas real estate salespersons and brokers
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