2021 HI Core Course Part A: Fair Play in Fair Housing: It’s Not a Game, It’s the Law!


Fair housing is always a timely topic especially as the laws evolve to meet the housing needs of our diverse population. HIREC has authored Core Course Part A which delves into the history of fair housing explaining how we have arrived at our present set of laws. The course goes on to review various forms of discrimination giving examples and then reveals the practices a professional real estate licensee can incorporate into their business in order to provide nondiscriminatory service to their client and customers. This course provides a comprehensive overview of a licensee's responsibilities in their real estate practice with respect to fair housing .

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • identify real estate-related bills passed by the legislature in 2021
  • recall the benefits of exercising fair housing principles in your real estate business and how attitudes and laws have evolved to support fair housing principles; identify the protected classes both federally and in Hawaii and describe prohibited practices in Hawaii
  • identify how to comply with fair housing law, avoid discrimination when advertising, selecting, and showing a property, and identify how fair housing law applies to sales and property management
  • recall how to ensure leases are nondiscriminatory; and discuss fair housing issues that impact property management in Hawaii
  • recall the advantages of fair housing from the perspective of a real estate practice

Designed For

Hawaiian real estate brokers and sales agents

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