Texas Broker Responsibility


The purpose of this course is to address the regulatory aspects of the management, operation, and supervision of a real estate brokerage firm in Texas. The course provides an understanding and working knowledge of a broker’s responsibilities and obligations under Title 22 of the Texas Administrative Code (TAC), TREC Rule §535.2, which sets out specific requirements and best practices for brokers.

Section §535.92 of the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC, the Commission) Rules requires a broker who sponsors one or more sales agent at any time during the current license period; a broker or designated broker of a business entity that sponsors one or more sales agent at any time during the designated broker’s current license period; or is a delegated supervisor under TREC Rule §535.2(e) to complete this six-hour broker responsibility course to renew a license.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, the student should be able to:

  • identify who, under TREC rules, is required to take this course
  • list several actions a broker may take to ensure that brokerage offices train agents to use contracts and handle real estate transactions correctly
  • identify who is responsible for all residential property management duties within a brokerage
  • define the four main functions a team lead or delegated supervisor may perform
  • list three factors a broker should consider before allowing teams or groups in the brokerage
  • explain how advertising rules apply to individual agents and teams

Designed For

Any license holder may take this course for six hours of elective continuing education (CE) credit. Additionally, a sponsoring broker may, by policy, require certain license holders and employees to take this course. Effective January 1, 2019, any license holder who leads, supervises, directs, or manages a team must be delegated as a supervisor by the broker and is required to complete this course before license renewal.

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