Risk Management


The risk management process can be summarized more simply than its name implies: a common-sense approach to using a number of readily available tools to handle an organization’s risk in the most cost-efficient manner possible. To be truly successful, however, risk management must permeate an organization.  A risk manager or even a department full of risk managers cannot maximize the benefits of the process without the understanding, cooperation, and active support of others within the organization. To be truly effective, an organization's risk management program must be actively supported by its top management.

Thus, one of the most important roles of risk management professionals is educating others about the process and how to properly apply it. This course provides a comprehensive yet easy-to-read explanation of the risk management process—a guide for producers, adjusters and others in the insurance industry as to the risk management process and how it can be used to meet an organization’s needs and advance its objectives.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to: 

  • Cope with risk to safeguard an organization’s resources from accidental loss, to grasp unexpected opportunities, and to control the overall level of uncertainty within an organization
  • Use proven techniques to evaluate how potential property, key person, liability, and net income losses may adversely impact an organization’s ability to achieve its goals
  • Appraise how to cost effectively apply a variety of risk management techniques to control accidental losses or to pay for those losses that cannot be avoided
  • Institute a productive risk management program within an organization
  • Adjust a risk management program so that it remains fully cost effective whenever conditions change

Designed For

P&C producers, adjusters and public adjusters, risk managers
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