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Featured Courses
HRAs for Small Employers 1.0$14.95

Other General Topics
4-Hour Annuity Training Course Audio Enabled4.0$15.95
4-Hour Long-Term Care Review 2.0$14.95
401(k) Plans 3.0$14.95
ACA and the Basics of Health Insurance Exchanges 2.0$14.95
ACA, Small Businesses, and SHOPs 2.0$14.95
Affordable Care Act Taxes and Penalties 1.0$14.95
AML: Understanding the Rules for Insurance Producers and Employees Audio Enabled2.0$14.95
Annuities: Definitions, Suitability and Riders 3.0$14.95
Anti-Money Laundering for the Insurance Industry 1.0$14.95
Corporations, Partnerships and Other Business Entities—Introduction 1.0$14.95
Distribution Planning Audio EnabledVideo Enabled5.0$19.95
Estate Planning Techniques for Small Business Owners 2.0$14.95
Financial Planning for Today's Consumer 5.0$19.95
Fixed Annuities Audio EnabledVideo Enabled4.0$15.95
Fundamentals of Estate Planning 6.0$23.95
Health Insurance Programs for Seniors Audio EnabledVideo Enabled2.0$14.95
Health Savings Accounts Audio Enabled1.0$14.95
Healthcare Reform and the Affordable Care Act 4.0$15.95
Hybrid Long-Term Care Insurance Products 3.0$14.95
Indexed Annuities 4.0$15.95
Individual Retirement Accounts 3.0$14.95
Inherited IRAs Audio EnabledVideo Enabled2.0$14.95
Insurance for Estate Planning 2.0$14.95
IRA Rollovers 2.0$14.95
Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts 2.0$14.95
Life Insurance Ownership and Beneficiary Designations 3.0$14.95
Life Insurance Strategies for Small Businesses 5.0$19.95
Living Trusts and Avoiding Probate 4.0$15.95
Long-Term Care 4-Hour Training 4.0$15.95
Long-Term Care: Programs, Policies, and Partnerships 5.0$19.95
Medicare, Medicaid and Medicare Supplements 5.0$19.95
Mutual Funds 3.0$14.95
Personal Life Insurance Planning 2.0$14.95
Principles of Wealth Management 4.0$15.95
Residential Rental Properties 3.0$14.95
Retirement Planning Strategies 5.0$19.95
Senior Needs Planning Audio EnabledVideo Enabled6.0$23.95
Taxation of Life Insurance and Annuities 4.0$15.95
Variable Annuities 4.0$15.95

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