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Certain professions require continuing education to comply with state and industry-specific laws, remain licensed or certified, or maintain membership in an association or licensing body. Whether you are an individual looking to take continuing education courses or a corporate office implementing workplace training, WebCE has a focused solution to meet your needs. At WebCE, we want to do more than just fulfill your mandated continuing education credit requirements, we want you to stay current with the latest developments, learn new skills and increase you marketability in the job market. Get the CE courses you want and need at an affordable price.

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Propel Your Career with an IRMI Insurance and Risk Management Certification

by Chelsea Rosine | Jul 10, 2019
IRMI Certifications Insurance and risk management professionals play a vital role in many industries and it takes in-depth knowledge to grow your career and put your organization at the top. A specialized certification in your field is a great way to let employers and clients know you are an expert in your industry. The following certification programs are brought to you by International Risk Management Institute (IRMI), the leader in risk management and insurance research and education for more than 40 years.

Agribusiness and Farm Insurance Specialist (AFIS)

The AFIS certification focuses on the insurance and risk management needs of agribusiness and farm operations. The certification allows insurance agents, brokers, customer service representatives, and in-house risk managers or insurance buyers to gain specialized expertise in agribusiness and farm insurance and risk management. You will gain the knowledge you need to properly insure the unique exposures of farms and agribusiness.

The AFIS certification can be obtained by completing five courses on agribusiness and farm risks and insurance. On-going training to maintain the certification can be completed through online courses at www.webe.com/afis or through in-person events like the IRMI Emmett J Vaughan Agribusiness Conference.

Construction Risk and Insurance Specialist (CRIS)

This certification is best for insurance agents, brokers, CSRs, and in-house risk managers or insurance buyers who want to gain specialized expertise in construction insurance and risk management. A specialization in construction risk management can give you a leg up on your career and allow you to be considered an expert in the industry. By being able to identify, prioritize, and manage construction risks, you will be able to take control of the construction risk management process.

To earn the CRIS certification, you must complete five basic- to intermediate-level insurance and risk management continuing education courses directly focused on the unique needs of construction projects and contractors. To renew the CRIS certification, IRMI offers online courses through www.webce.com/cris or you can attend an approved CRIS event, such as the annual IRMI Construction Risk Conference, to network with thought leaders and professionals in the construction insurance and risk management industry.

Energy Risk and Insurance Specialist (ERIS)

Completing the ERIS certification will ensure any agent, broker, underwriter, or insurance purchaser understands the most important insurance needs of the energy industry. With a focus on the oil and gas exploration, production, and transmissions industry, this certification is best for those who deal with energy insurance and risk management in their professions. Energy risk management specialists provide better decision making, expert planning, and thought out policies and procedures that protect their organizations against energy risk.

By completing five online courses directly focused on the unique needs of energy companies, you can obtain the ERIS certification. Courses can be ordered and completed at www.webce.com/eris. Training to renew the certification can be completed online or by attending the IRMI Energy and Risk Insurance Conference (ERIC). ERIC is the perfect opportunity for experienced energy professionals to network and learn from one another.

Management Liability Insurance Specialist (MLIS)

The MLIS certification is your opportunity to obtain an in-depth understanding of management liability exposures and insurance coverage. An MLIS certification will allow you to better help your clients and grow your business as you gain recognition as an expert in the management liability insurance field. You will have a full understanding of D&O liability insurance, EPL insurance, and fiduciary liability insurance as well was special crime insurance.

You can obtain and renew the MLIS certification done by completing online courses offered at www.webce.com/mlis.

Transportation Risk and Insurance Professional (TRIP)

The TRIP certification is best for those who work with insurance and risk management in the transportation industry, namely trucking, air cargo, rail and ocean-going freight. Transportation industry financial and risk professionals who successfully complete the Transportation Risk and Insurance Professional certification will have the knowledge to make smart insurance and risk management decisions to help mitigate risk in your organization.

The TRIP certification can be obtained and renewed by completing online courses at www.webce.com/trip.

With the AFIS, CRIS, ERIS, MLIS, and TRIP certifications, you will gain access to information and resources to help you propel your career. Networking opportunities through online communities and 24/7 access to industry trends will ensure you stay up-to-date with the growth of your profession. To order IRMI certification courses, visit https://www.webce.com/products/other-products or call 877-488-9313.

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