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WebCE offers more than required continuing education courses - we offer online continuing education courses you actually want to take. Our online continuing education courses offer current and applicable information that you'll be able to use long after the course is completed. WebCE's continuing education courses cover topics across many industries and disciplines and are designed to give you pertinent real life scenarios in which you'll be able to relate your education to your professional career. 

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Certain professions require continuing education to comply with state and industry-specific laws, remain licensed or certified, or maintain membership in an association or licensing body. Whether you are an individual looking to take continuing education courses or a corporate office implementing workplace training, WebCE has a focused solution to meet your needs. At WebCE, we want to do more than just fulfill your mandated continuing education credit requirements, we want you to stay current with the latest developments, learn new skills and increase you marketability in the job market. Get the CE courses you want and need at an affordable price.

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Taxing Transfers of Wealth: Gift, Estate, Trusts

by Chelsea Rosine | Oct 01, 2019

New Tax and Accounting Course From WebCE

Taxing Transfers of Wealth  According to U.S. Census data, there are roughly 47.8 million U.S. citizens over the age of 65, representing 14.9 percent of the total population. With the average retirement age of 66, this demographic is increasingly interested in estate, gift, trust, and certain transfer taxes. As retirees begin to organize finances and plan for the future, many will have questions for their tax and accounting advisors concerning their assets.

WebCE’s new course, Estate, Gift, Trust, and Generation-Skipping Transfer Taxes, will provide you with the understanding and tools needed to plan for tax-minimization on transfers of wealth. By the end of this course, you’ll be able to identify vehicles for estate planning and the various deductions and credits available when calculating the gross estate of a decedent. You’ll also have the ability to recognize what is included in the gross estate of a decedent and how to calculate the gross estate.

All our courses are always up-to-date and the issues in this course have been chosen based on their relevance to post-TCJA tax rules for 2019 and beyond. Expand your tax knowledge to go beyond the basics of income tax issues and become an expert in your field. Having the ability to help your clients through retirement will make you a trusted financial partner to those who need your services.

WebCE is here to help propel your career and expand your knowledge on changing topics. To order this course and more, visit www.webce.com or call our knowledgeable customer service team at 877.488.9308.

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