ERIS Certification Requirements

Let your career evolve in the energy industry with the Energy Risk and Insurance Specialist (ERIS) certification from IRMI.

Obtaining the ERIS Certification

The core curriculum for the ERIS program consists of the five parts.

  • Commercial Liability Insurance for the Energy Industry
  • Contractual Risk Transfer in Energy
  • Control of Well/Operators Extra Expense Risks and Insurance
  • Understanding the Oil and Gas Industry and Its Risks
  • Workers Comp and Maritime Liability for the Energy Industry

Participants must pass all five courses within five years to qualify as a holder of the ERIS certification. Each course is independent of the others and you may complete them in any order you choose.

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ERIS Certification Renewal

Once you earn the ERIS certification, you will have 12 months to complete six (6) hours of approved ERIS continuing education credit. Thereafter, you must earn six (6) hours of approved ERIS continuing education credit every 12 months to continue using and displaying the ERIS certification.

Online ERIS Renewal Courses

The ERIS Certification Learning Center offers several online CE courses that qualify for ERIS Reaccreditation credit.

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Attend Approved Programs

Attend or participate in other approved conferences, seminars or educational programs.  Go to the “Completer Code Redemption” page in the ERIS Learning Center to report your attendance and pay the reaccreditation fee. You will need the Completer Code number from the Certificate of Completion you received when you do so. The fee for this reaccreditation option pays the costs of administering this part of the ERIS program.

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