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WebCE understands the importance of being prepared for your licensing exam. With our online exam prep courses and tools, insurance and financial services companies get employees licensed faster, and at a lower cost. We provide up-to-date pre-licensing education requirements and world-class, live customer support. Our interactive content covers key exam topics and tests your comprehension of the material with customizable practice quizzes and complete state exam simulations.

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As a three-time consecutive winner of the Texas Monthly's Top 100 Best Places to Work for in Texas, our emphasis on culture and investment into people extends to everyone we work with. So not only do we put our expertise to work for you, when it gets down to it – we care about your career too. At WebCE, we know starting a new career can be challenging. WebCE's online exam prep courses are designed to give you the study material to pass your licensing exam on the first try.  Your success is our success, so partner with WebCE, your trusted source for licensing and exam prep courses. 

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Don’t Complain About Millennials, Recruit Them with PreLicense.com!

by Mallory O'Sullivan | May 15, 2018
Recruit Millennials to Sell Insurance

Chances are, you’re missing out on a major recruiting opportunity. Millennials make up a large percentage of the current workforce, including recent college graduates. And while there are plenty of myths about Millennials, they are the perfect target for your recruiting efforts.

Myth: Millennials are killing the traditional workweek.

Fact: The younger generation desires flexibility and working on their own terms. They appreciate careers with opportunities to learn and grow outside of the traditional 9-to-5. Industries like insurance and financial planning offer ideal career paths that allow for flexible schedules, career growth and professional development.


Myth: Millennials hate face-to-face interaction.

Fact: Millennials have a unique set of technological skills because they have used newer technology for most of the life. Networking and building relationships are just as popular today as they have always been, if not more so. The younger generation utilizes more efficient, and often more effective, methods of building their personal and professional circles. These skills can be invaluable to insurance agencies looking to expand their client list.


Myth: You shouldn’t recruit Millennials.

Fact: Millennials should be at the top of your recruiting list! With a strong desire to learn and develop their skills, Millennials are prime candidates for the insurance industry. They are ready to work hard, build relationships and grow their career.


PreLicense.com®, a service of WebCE®, offers everything you need to get your new recruits licensed in as little as two weeks. Our online insurance exam prep courses provide industry newcomers with all of the information they need to pass their licensing exam on the first try. Your new recruits can design a study plan that works best for them and complete their insurance exam prep course from virtually anywhere. Students who complete a PreLicense.com exam prep course have a strong foundation for success and make valuable additions to your team.

Don’t ignore Millennials, recruit them! And count on PreLicense.com to prepare them for their insurance licensing exam and their new career.



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