Effectively Study For Your Insurance Licensing Exam With My Study Planner

WebCE's Exam Prep products are designed by experts in online professional education. That means you don't just get high quality study material, but you also get helpful tools and professional guidance from start-to-finish, all in an intuitive interface. WebCE empowers all students with MyStudyPlanner® to create customized learning plan for each individual user. My Study Planner instantly adapts daily learning objectives based on the completion goals set by the student. These clear, actionable plans help users build confidence and consistency in their study and divide comprehensive state outlines into manageable study sessions. When reviewing for your exam, use lesson quizzes as a guide to know when to take breaks, and glossary and topic search if you get stuck.

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Study for your insurance licensing exam

Create A Customized Insurance Exam Prep Study Plan

  • Prepare for the Insurance Licensing Exam

    Establish a study plan with a specific completion goal. Focus on incremental daily progress in the course content.

  • Review Insurance Licensing Exam Core Topics

    Use lesson quiz results to identify areas of weakness. Test your understanding with State ExamTutor® practice tests.

  • Evaluate Your Knowledge

    Complete a timed state exam simulation. Compare test results against prior quizzes.

  • Take Your Insurance Licensing Exam

    Take your exam within 24 - 48 hours of course completion.