Pollution Insurance for Manufacturers

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April 2023

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Pollution risks present unique challenges for manufacturers. While some pollution incidents are immediately apparent, others occur slowly, often undiscovered, for many years. This is particularly true for manufacturers that were operating before many of the current environmental regulations. The related damages often fall within the pollution exclusions of commercial insurance policies. 

This course examines the scope of coverage for these risks under basic policies—such as CGL, business auto, and umbrella policies—with specific attention to the risks not covered under these policies. It then reviews the scope of coverage offered by environmental insurance options with a focus on similarities and the significant differences that can have a profound impact on coverage.  

Learning Objectives

On completion of this course, students should be able to 

  • recognize the types and sources of pollution liability affecting businesses in general, 
  • recognize the specific types of pollution liability faced by businesses in the manufacturing industry and identify regulations intended to address those exposures, 
  • identify risk management concerns that manufacturers need to address, 
  • recognize specific provisions in standard insurance policies that address pollution exposures, 
  • recognize the coverage features commonly available in pollution liability policies from specialty insurers. 

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