WebCE Gives Insurance Professionals Immediate Access to State-Approved Education Programs Through the Internet

by WebCE | Feb 10, 2000
State-of-the-Art Training and Testing Programs Capitalize On Advances In Technology To Create Innovative Solutions in Continuing Education

February 10, 2000

DALLAS, Texas -- Licensed insurance professionals from CEOs to independent agents can now select and order state-approved correspondence courses over the Internet through break-thru technology introduced by WebCE.

"Our technology allows professionals at all levels to fulfill their continuing education requirements immediately," said WebCE CEO Gary Henkel. "We understand that time is money for professionals and that’s why we are dedicated to providing fast, inexpensive and high-quality training solutions for certified professionals. In addition, our self-paced instruction saves busy executives the time and added expenses associated with seminars and travel."

For almost a decade, tens of thousands of professionals have successfully used the products and services now available through WebCE to increase professional knowledge and retain their state-approved licenses.

Now, using WebCE’s state-of-the-art course delivery technology, professionals can instantly select and order state-approved correspondence courses over the Internet at www.webce.com and start fulfilling continuing education requirements immediately. Courses can be completed in a single session or over a series of sessions as is convenient for the student. Once completed, the material remains available to the student for review at a later date. In addition, users can monitor the status of orders, check on exams and even access secure training records, all via the Internet.

"In today's competitive marketplace, the ability to stay abreast of industry knowledge greatly impacts an Insurance professional’s success," Henkel continued. "Through our inexpensive, high-quality training solutions, WebCE provides quick and easy access to industry knowledge about emerging products and concepts needed to gain a competitive edge."

In order to stay up-to-date on the latest industry trends, WebCE retains a staff of industry specialists who constantly update existing courses and create timely new educational programs. Already WebCE's courses have been approved and are available in 38 states with more state approvals expected soon. WebCE also recently completed a strategic alliance with Unicorp Financial Group, Inc. to deliver courses nationwide.

Once the curriculum has been completed, state-approved tests are administered online or using printed copies. WebCE will then grade and validate the results, forward a "Certificate Of Completion" to professionals who successfully complete the program and inform the appropriate state agencies.

In those states requiring that continuing education be delivered in classroom settings, WebCE can offer courses through pre-approved delivery partners.

While WebCE expects its Internet-based solutions to become most popular with users, the company will continue to focus on both traditional and technology-based training solutions. All of WebCE training materials and exams can be ordered as paper-based booklets. They are shipped within 24 hours and shipments can be tracked on the WebCE Web site through a real-time connection to UPS. Courses also are available in HTML and PDF file formats for those who prefer to print documents from Web browsers or via Adobe Acrobat Reader.

"We understand the realities our corporate clients face, especially since employees possess varying degrees of technical and Internet skills," said Henkel. "As a result, WebCE will continue to accommodate both leading edge and paper-based delivery methods."

WebCE is currently developing audio versions of its courses that will be available on tape or through the Internet using Real Audio and MP3 technologies. Courses that can be downloaded to Audible-enabled hand-held devices also are in development.

About WebCE
Based in Richardson, Texas, WebCE is a nationwide supplier of state-of-the-art continuing education courses to certified professionals such as CPAs and insurance agents. WebCE provides an integrated family of continuing education courses, which are delivered either over the Internet or through traditional books. More information is available on the company’s Web site, www.webce.com, or at (800) 488-9308.


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