Online Proctored Testing Now Available to Insurance Industry Through WebCE

by WebCE | Jun 15, 2000

DALLAS--June 15, 2000--WebCE, the leading provider of Internet-based continuing education (CE) courses to the insurance industry, today announced immediate availability of both proctored and non-proctored online testing.

"This new technology provides agents and adjusters nationwide with a complete turnkey solution to their CE needs even in those areas that required proctored testing," said Gary Henkel, CEO of WebCE.

The new online testing and proctoring solution, TestSmart(c), enables insurance professionals to complete their CE training faster and easier. After completing a CE course, the insurance professional can elect to take a printed or online version of the test. By using TestSmart, the professional will receive instant pass/fail notification via e-mail.

With nationwide coverage, WebCE is approved to deliver CE accredited curriculum to insurance professionals in all 44 states that allow distance learning. WebCE offers more than 50 state-approved insurance courses. Fifteen of the 44 states that allow distance learning have already formally approved TestSmart with the remaining approvals expected imminently.

Because each state has specific rules for monitoring CE course exams, TestSmart has the power and flexibility to comply with disparate guidelines. For example, for states requiring CE tests to be monitored by a state-approved proctor, TestSmart requires a student to "sign in" with a proctor in order to take a test. During the testing, the student cannot access the online course material. Once the test has been completed, the monitor must then "sign the student out" before TestSmart will score the test. In states where open book tests are the norm, TestSmart permits the online course material to be viewed during the test. In all cases, the test is instantly graded once it is submitted and the results posted electronically.

Additional options are built into TestSmart to immediately accommodate local rules including length of testing time and frequency to retake tests.

About WebCE

Based in Dallas, Texas, WebCE is a nationwide supplier of state-of-the-art continuing education courses to tens of thousands of certified professionals such as CPAs and insurance agents. WebCE provides an integrated family of continuing education courses and testing, which are delivered either electronically over the Internet or through traditional books. More information is available on the company's Web site,, or at 800/488-9308.