WebCE® Announces Accredited State-Specific LTC Partnership Curriculum

by WebCE | Jun 20, 2007

WebCE® Announces Accredited State-Specific LTC Partnership Curriculum

WebCE announced that it will expand its curriculum to meet the state-specific producer training requirements for each state’s LTC program. This action will meet the need of the increasing number of states that are implementing Long Term Care (LTC) Partnership Programs.

“Our announcement reaffirms WebCE’s commitment to provide all education materials necessary to fulfill the CE and training requirements of all producers in every state,” said Gary Henkel, WebCE’s CEO. “As these Long Term Care Partnership Programs evolve, and as the states define their specific educational needs, we will make courses available to ensure that all insurance professionals can continue to quickly and efficiently meet their training requirements.”

The first two state-specific courses to be launched this year will be for Idaho and Virginia. More will be added as each state defines its education requirement.

As part of the Deficit Reduction Act of 2005, all states can now offer Long Term Care Partnership Programs, which unite private long term care insurance coverage with a state’s Medicaid program. Among its provisions relating to LTC Partnerships, the Act specifies that individuals who sell long term care insurance policies under a partnership program must receive mandated training and demonstrate evidence that they understand these policies and how they relate to other long term care coverage and resources.

The original LTC Partnership Program was developed in the late 1980s. Its purpose was to encourage people who might otherwise turn to Medicaid to finance their LTC to purchase long term care insurance. If people who purchase qualifying policies deplete their insurance benefits, then they may retain a specified amount of assets and still qualify for Medicaid, provided that they meet all other Medicaid eligibility criteria. Originally, these Partnership Programs only operated in four states: California, Connecticut, Indiana, and New York. Recently, a significant number of states have responded to the changes in federal law by enacting legislation authorizing LTC Partnership Programs.

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