<B>VA LTC Partnership</b> - WebCE® Releases New Agent Training Course for Virginia LTC Partnership Program

by WebCE | Aug 08, 2007

WebCE® Releases New Agent Training Course for Virginia LTC Partnership Program

WebCE announced today the release of a new web-based training course on long-term care partnership programs for the Commonwealth of Virginia. The course was designed to provide an important segment of the training that agents must have on this subject before they can sell a partnership policy in Virginia.

WebCE’s new online course, Virginia Long-Term Care Partnership Program, covers Virginia’s long-term care partnership program and the nature of the LTC policies that may be sold for the program. The course has been approved for three hours of general CE credit, and two hours of Life and health credit towards the new eight - hour LTC partnership training requirement.

In May, 2007, the Virginia Bureau of Insurance announced revisions to the rules governing LTC insurance and set forth specific agent training requirements. Before agents can sell a LTC partnership policy, they must first receive eight hours of training. Two of those hours are to consist of training on state and federal regulations, and the relationship between qualified LTC insurance partnership programs and other public and private coverage of LTC services. It is this two-hour segment of the training requirement that WebCE’s course is designed to meet.

Agents who complete this two-hour requirement before January 1, 2008 may apply up to six hours of CE credit they received for prior study of approved and relevant LTC topics. This combination of study will qualify for the full eight-hour LTC partnership program training requirement. In addition to this new course, WebCE offers two other courses that have been approved in Virginia for at least six hours of long-term care CE: Contemporary Approach to Long-Term Care and Long-Term Care Fundamentals.

WebCE’s new VA LTC partnership course can be purchased individually for $8.95 (or less, if you order it as part of your bundled package of VA insurance CE hours). WebCE’s online courses offer instant exam results and printable certificates of completion.

If you have any questions or prefer to order your Virginia Long-Term Care Partnership Program over the phone, please call us at 800-488-9308.