Kentucky 4-Hour Long-Term Care Ongoing Training Now Available!

by WebCE | Jan 08, 2010

WebCE is pleased to announce the immediate availability of, Long-Term Care 4-Hour Training, which fulfills the Kentucky Department of Insurance 4-hour long-term care partnership ongoing training requirements for agents who sell long-term care policies in Kentucky.

The Kentucky Department of Insurance requires agents who sell long-term care policies to complete a 4-hour long-term care ongoing training course two years after completing their initial 8-hour training, and every two years thereafter.

This course provides an overview of long-term care: what it means, how it is delivered, and how it can be funded. The course also identifies the long-term care population, illustrates the long-term care continuum of health and social services, and examines the many options consumers have to meet this need. 

Order, Long-Term Care 4-Hour Training, today and pay just $12.95.