Fraud and Auto Theft Investigations Now Available for Insurance CE Credit in 48 States

by WebCE | Dec 03, 2013

WebCE®, the leading provider of online insurance continuing education for insurance professionals, continues its commitment to offering the most comprehensive selection of insurance CE courses nationwide, by expanding our insurance fraud curriculum with the addition of a new course titled, Fraud and Auto Theft Investigations.  This new course, is 1 of 5 courses that specifically addresses fraudulent insurance claims and techniques on how to identify such claims. 

Fraud and Auto Theft Investigations is now available for property and casualty insurance CE credit in 50 states, and is available for classroom equivalent insurance CE credit in Texas and Utah.  In addition, the course has been approved for insurance adjuster CE credit in 16 states, and public insurance adjuster CE credit in 10 states.   

To order, Fraud and Auto Theft Investigations, or to order any of the other insurance Fraud courses WebCE offers, go to  Or, to speak with a customer service representative, call our toll-free support at 877-488-9308. 

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