Major California Insurance CE Delivery Changes Coming! Complete Your Insurance CE Before February 19, 2015.

by WebCE | Jan 28, 2015
The California Insurance Department recently announced several major changes to online course delivery rules that will affect how you complete insurance CE after 2/19/2015.  Effective February 19, 2015, providers are required to comply with the following CE changes:

California Self-Directed CE Course Delivery Changes Summarized:

**WebCE received approval from the California DOI to deliver self-directed insurance CE courses through online PDFs and paper-book formats.**

Courses Ordered After 2/19/2015:

California self-directed online insurance CE courses will be delivered the following way:
  • Courses will be delivered in an online PDF, or paper-book (if requested) format
  • End-of-chapter quizzes are not required
  • Final exams are delivered online or by paper (if requested)
  • Final exams are open-book and do not require a monitor, but questions will no longer be indexed for you
Courses Ordered Prior to 2/19/2015:
Students that ordered a California insurance CE course prior to 2/19/15, will receive a "grandfather" exemption to the new rules, and will be given 1 year from the original date of purchase to complete their course under the current course delivery rules.
California Online Interactive CE Course Delivery Changes Summarized:
California online interactive insurance CE courses will be delivered the following way:
  • Students MUST read and review all online CE course material, and pass all chapter quizzes with a 70% or higher, before they can access the online final exam
  • The final exam is closed book. Students will NOT have access to the CE course material while the final exam is in progress.
If you have any questions or concerns regarding the recent changes, please call our toll-free customer support at 877-488-9308 or email [email protected]