WebCE Introduces a New 4-Hour Annuity Training Course in Virginia

by Stacey Cessna | Apr 03, 2017

WebCE is one of the first providers to offer an online course approved to fulfill the 4-hour annuity training requirement for agents who sell annuities in Virginia. WebCE’s 4-Hour Annuity Training Course is available online for just $14.95.

The new annuity training requirements for Virginia became effective April 1, 2017. These new regulations require all producers currently licensed to sell, solicit, and negotiate annuity products in Virginia to complete a one-time annuity training course approved for at least 4 hours by January 1, 2018. All producers licensed on or after January 1, 2018 must complete this training prior to selling, soliciting, or negotiating such products.

Residents must take a Virginia-approved course. Non-residents, who satisfy the training requirements of another state that are similar to the Virginia law, will be deemed compliant for the Virginia requirement. 

To order WebCE’s 4-Hour Annuity Training Course, go to www.WebCE.com or call our support services at 877-488-9308.  All orders include: online course(s), exam(s), instant grading, unlimited retakes, online printable certificates of completion, and next-day reporting.

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