Graduate today, employed tomorrow: Consider a career as an insurance agent

by Mallory O'Sullivan | Apr 09, 2018
How to Become an Insurance Agent

Deciding on a career path can be difficult. You might have to dedicate months or years to studying, training and interning to even be considered for a position in your desired field. Whether you are a recent college graduate or you’ve been working for decades, making major career decisions can cause anxiety while costing time and money. And if you are just entering the workforce, it can feel like one day you’re a graduate and the next day you’re unemployed. But there is a career path in a growing industry that is simple and affordable to enter and offers long-term stability and opportunities: an insurance agent.

While becoming an insurance agent may not sound like the most glamourous job, it offers many unknown and underrated opportunities. The insurance market changes frequently, but careers in the insurance industry tend to be stable. As the population in America ages, many job opportunities in the insurance field will become available and more people than ever before will be in need of insurance products and services. Insurance is necessary to our society, and it is unlikely to go away or decrease in need anytime soon.

Insurance agents also have unique opportunities to learn, grow and build their careers. Commissions provide additional income based on the level of time and work you are willing to put in. And while you can’t expect to earn a million dollars overnight, you can expect steady growth from consistent work. Insurance agents and brokers also have a unique opportunity to increase their business and communication skills. You will learn how to build long-term, working relationships with people from a multitude of backgrounds and companies. Learning your product and increasing your business knowledge can also result in continued success in the insurance field.

So how do you become an insurance agent? The process is actually simple. Most states require you to complete an insurance licensing exam in order to solicit insurance products in that state. While the regulations vary by state, you can typically complete an exam prep course, take your exam and receive your insurance license. Having an insurance license before applying for a position as an insurance agent can greatly increase your chances of employment because the firm does not have to spend time or money getting you licensed. This also gives you a chance to test the waters and see if the insurance field interests you before committing to a company.

How do you get started?, a service of WebCE, offers online insurance exam prep programs to help you pass your licensing exam on the first try. Our courses are written by experts in the insurance industry and follow the requirements set forth by your state. We also offer exclusive study tools to help you build retention and establish a strong foundation for a successful career. Our knowledgeable support services team can assist you throughout your course, from registration to your exam date. Best of all, our insurance exam prep courses are affordable so you can find out if becoming an insurance agent is the right path for you without spending a lot of time and money.

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