Identify and Prevent Elder Financial Abuse with Insurance CE Courses from WebCE

by Mallory O'Sullivan | Apr 25, 2018
Identifying and Preventing Elderly Abuse

Our population is aging. Baby Boomers are heading into retirement, and the large amount of assets they control make them a desirable target market for financial services professionals. With these unique opportunities comes an increased risk for elder financial abuse, and it is up to individual financial advisors and insurance professionals to actively educate their clients and protect them from this issue.

WebCE® released a new insurance continuing education course, Elder Financial Abuse, which explains the issue in great detail. This course includes examples and warning signs to help you recognize elder financial abuse and possible client vulnerabilities. There are also strategies and ideas to include in your business practices to prevent elder financial abuse and safeguard your clients.

Senior needs planning involves more than retirement, health care and wealth transitioning. Financial advisors and insurance professionals should also educate their clients on the dangers of elder financial abuse and how to keep their assets safe.

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