Don’t Skip Your Vacation!

by Mallory O'Sullivan | Jun 11, 2018
Dont Skip Your Vacation

How A Summer Vacation Could Save Your Job

Summer is here, kids are out of school and vacation is calling your name. As much as you want to get out of the office, it can be tempting to skip vacation time in favor of managing your workload. In fact, 52% of Americans reported that they would not use all of their vacation or paid time off days in 2016 (1). But recent studies have shown there are several reasons why skipping vacation time can be a bad idea.

You’ll get worse at doing your job.

Stanford University found a decline in productivity when professionals worked more than 50 hours a week (2). In this case, less is more. Finding a balance between work and home can actually help you perform better at work.

You’ll get burned out.

Minimum vacation time equals maximum stress. Time away from work can help you recharge and come back energized, instead of losing motivation (3). Taking time for vacation can preserve your mental health and help you keep a positive attitude when it comes to your career.

You’re less likely to get promoted.

A lot of professionals are afraid to take their vacation time. They worry they will miss out on important office events, get behind in their workload, or be thought of as lazy. But a burned out employee drowning in stress is not who managers want to promote. A healthy balance between work and personal time shows your time management skills, keeps your mind refreshed, and makes you a better all-around employee.

The bottom line is, your company provides paid time off for a reason. They understand that you need personal time away from work, and your boss fully expects you to take your vacation time. So enjoy the summer – your job may depend on it!

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