Protect your Clients from Cyber Threats

by Stacey Cessna | Aug 28, 2018

Learn How with WebCE’s New Course on Cybersecurity

Every day insurance producers are entrusted with their clients’ personal and sensitive information. The benefits of conducting business in the digital age are innumerable, but as technology continues to evolve and grow, so too do the risks. Cybersecurity threats are very real and very serious. The consequences of data security breaches can be costly and devastating for both consumers and insurers.

With stricter Cybersecurity regulations on the horizon, it is critical for insurers to increase their cybersecurity training efforts. A strong, effective cybersecurity program should be a component of any producer’s business. 

WebCE® is helping insurers and insurance organizations stay up-to-date with their cybersecurity training with our new course,  Cybersecurity: Protecting Your Clients and Your Practice. This course examines common types of cyber risks and offers guidelines and best practices producers and advisors can follow to protect clients' information—and their businesses—from cyber criminals and unintended data disclosure.

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