New Flood Training Requirements for Oregon Property & Casualty Producers

by Stacey Cessna | Sep 06, 2018
Flood Training in Oregon Continuing Education

WebCE is your trusted source for the latest industry news and information. We maintain close relationships with state regulators to keep you in the know when CE requirements change. There has been a recent change in the flood requirements for your state.

New flood training requirements for license periods beginning after 8/16/2018:

  • Prior to selling flood insurance products producers will need to complete a one-time 3 hour training course.
  • Following the initial training requirement, producers that continue to negotiate, sell, or solicit flood insurance will be required to complete a 2-hour course on flood every two year renewal cycle as part of their 24 hour total requirement

WebCE can help you fulfill this new flood training requirement with our two flood courses.

  • Flood Insurance Fundamentals: NFIP Training for Insurance Producers
  • Advanced Flood Insurance: Elevation Certificates and Grandfathering
Fulfill all of your Oregon insurance CE requirements with WebCE! Visit our course catalog or call 877-488-9308 to build a custom CE package.

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