Ethical Duties for Funeral Services

by Ann Heinz, Executive Editor & FuneralCE Product Manager | Oct 15, 2018

Are You Operating Your Funeral Home Ethically?

Funeral Director Continuing Education

Funeral directors wear many hats in the workplace. Along with acting as counselors, caring for grieving families, and working as event planners, they must always ensure that their businesses are run ethically and in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. The Funeral Rule, which was promulgated by the Federal Trade Commission, requires funeral homes to give consumers a General Price List and prohibits funeral homes from requiring consumers to buy any item, such as a casket, as a condition of obtaining other funeral goods or services.

Every year, the Federal Trade Commission conducts undercover visits to randomly selected funeral homes to shop for goods and services in an attempt to assess compliance with the Funeral Rule. In the most recent round of investigations, FTC investigators found failure to disclose pricing information as required by the Funeral Rule in 29 of the 134 funeral homes they visited during 2017. Since 1996, when the FTC began its inspections, around 18 percent of funeral homes have been found in violation of the Funeral Rule. Funeral homes that violate the Funeral Rule risk incurring civil penalties of over $40,000 per violation.

FuneralCE®, a service of WebCE®, launched a new ethics course, Ethical Business Practices for Funeral Directors, that highlights the importance of maintaining high ethical standards as well as what may happen if those ethical standards are breached. Funeral professionals will also gain a deeper understanding of NFDA’s Code of Professional Conduct and will review the obligations imposed by the Funeral Rule. Finally, funeral directors will learn tips and some winning customer service business strategies that will keep clients happy and their business reputable.

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