Funeral Personalization—A Growing Trend

by Chelsea Rosine | Nov 20, 2018

Funeral Directors Can Help Families Prepare A Memorable Final Tribute

The Trend of Funeral Personalization In recent years, there has been a significant shift in how funerals and memorial services are being conducted. It has become increasingly common for individuals to pre-plan and put their end-of-life wishes on paper so that surviving family and friends know exactly how to honor and celebrate a loved one’s life. Many individuals are also shying away from traditional funerals and are instead looking for different ways to personalize and make a final tribute memorable.

Many people are choosing unique funeral rites, such as having cremated remains buried in the ocean or shot into space, cyrogenic freezing of one’s remains, or incorporating unique elements into the funeral that honor the memory of a loved one in ways that showcase his or her personality, spirit, hobbies, and interests. The burgeoning trend of personalization can help reinforce the true purpose of a funeral—a gathering of friends and family to celebrate the unique life and memory of a loved one. 

The FuneralCE online course, Funeral Personalization and Family Engagement, takes an in-depth look at the personalization trend and how funeral directors can help families prepare a memorable final tribute.

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