Sexual Harassment Training Is Important

by User Not Found | Nov 20, 2018

Get the Best Sexual Harassment Prevention Training for your Company from WebCE

Sexual Harassment Prevention Training The rise of sexual harassment allegations in the celebrity world has placed a spotlight on similar allegations in our own companies. Now is the time to protect yourself and your employees by implementing a plan of action to raise awareness regarding appropriate and inappropriate behavior in the workplace.

State regulators are no longer tolerating an employers’ lack of action and training and we are starting to see training mandates on on the prevention of sexual harassment in the workplace. The most recent example is the state of New York’s newly implemented requirement for all employers to provide sexual harassment prevention training on an annual basis. This requirement applies to companies with 15 or more employees, regardless of the industry in which they work. The state has provided specific information that must be included in the training and it allows the use of online, interactive courses to meet the requirement.

While WebCE has developed a course to meet the requirements of New York, our course is not exclusive to New York so it can be used to train all of your employees, regardless of where you do business. We can help you provide this training to all of your employees with online tracking reports to ensure all employees are compliant and up-to-date on their training requirements. We also offer custom course development and hosting services for your proprietary content.

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