Top Five Things They Didn't Teach in Mortuary School

by Chelsea Rosine | Nov 28, 2018

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While funeral directors learn about anatomy, ethics, chemistry, psychology, and federal regulations, among other things, while in mortuary school, they often aren’t fully prepared for the real-life world of funeral directing. Textbook knowledge is important, however, there’s more to the funeral business than knowing how to prepare a body or how to plan a funeral. What you need to learn in mortuary school

FuneralCE created the online course, Top Five Things They Didn’t Teach in Mortuary School, to cover important topics that funeral directors may not have learned about in detail but that are important nonetheless. These topics include:

  • sexual harassment
  • communicating through the generations
  • advocating for both the funeral home and the client
  • working at urban versus rural funeral homes
  • and taking care of one’s mental health.

Those who are better educated about the industry can more effectively serve families, the community, and their funeral establishment. While, no one class can teach you everything you need to know, but having a foundation of knowledge will help your career grow.

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