New Funeral Pre-Planning Course Available at FuneralCE

by Ann Heinz | Feb 15, 2019
New Funeral PrePlanning Course from FuneralCE Throughout our lives, we plan for a multitude of events, from getting married to changing jobs to having children. Perhaps the one thing that many people have tended to avoid talking about and planning for is death, despite its inevitable nature.

However, a growing number of people today are choosing to plan and pay for their funerals in advance. According to the National Funeral Directors Association’s latest consumer survey, nearly two-thirds of Americans acknowledge the importance of making prearrangements. By funeral pre-planning, individuals can be assured that their last wishes are carried out, thereby removing the guesswork and stress placed upon surviving family members. By pre-paying for a funeral, individuals can also be assured that the financial burden of paying for their final expenses does not fall on loved ones.

The FuneralCE online course, Pre-Need Planning, takes an in-depth look at the pre-need industry and the types of products that can be used to pay for funeral arrangements before death—notably, final expense insurance, pre-need insurance, and pre-need trusts. Funeral professionals will also learn about the features and benefits that these products offer as well as the different state and federal laws they must comply with when helping individuals preplan and prepay their funerals. This course is available to all funeral disciples, including funeral directors, embalmers, and cremationists.

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