International Risk Management Institute, Inc.

Since 1978, International Risk Management Institute, Inc. (IRMI), has been the premier authority and educator for risk management, insurance, and legal professionals. IRMI simplifies the management of risk by publishing resources for technical content and providing continuing education, certifications, and conferences. For more information, visit www.IRMI.com.

Health Care Administrators Association

Health Care Administrators Association (HCAA) has developed a new, exciting training and certification program. The courses and certification are focused on self funding benefit and its associated ERISA framework. The seven modules, each qualifying for continuing education credits are an online certification program which when successfully completed culminates in the award of the Certified Self Funding Specialist® (CSFS®) designation. For more information, visit www.webce.com/hcaa.

Broker World

Broker World is the only national insurance magazine founded, focused and edited to specifically address the brokerage marketplace and the unique informational needs of independent life and health producers who select the products best suited to their clients' needs from a variety of companies and marketers. The primary service is to provide a channel of communication between life and health companies and marketers and the 27,400+ proven producers of substantial amounts of brokerage business that constitute Broker World's readership. For more information, visit www.brokerworldmag.com.

Fee Advisors Network

The Fee Advisors Network sponsors a new professional designation called the Certified Fee Insurance Specialist (CFIS) Program. The CFIS designation is the first and only certification program that distinguishes the fee-practitioner as one who is knowledgeable in fee-based life insurance design and function. The designation illustrates knowledge and competency in policy style, structure, design, concept, efficiency considerations, full disclosure requirements, and fiduciary care. For more information, visit www.feeadvisorsnetwork.com.


The Compliance Certification Clearinghouse, or ClearCert, was established in 2007 to assist insurance carriers with their training compliance responsibilities under state and federal regulation. For more information, visit www.clearcert.com.


Sircon's producer life cycle management solution is the leading choice for insurance carriers, agencies and brokerages, individual producers, continuing education providers, and state regulators. Sircon connects these key stakeholders in the industry to streamline agent on-boarding, ongoing regulatory compliance and producer data management. Through their comprehensive online network, communication is quicker, data management is easier, and everyone can focus on what really matters – their business. For more information, visit www.sircon.com.

National Association of Medicare Supplement Advisors

WebCE is the fulfillment center for the National Association of Medicare Supplement Advisors, Inc. training program. NAMSA is an association of Medicare Supplement and Medicare Advantage insurance producers. A background knowledge of basic Medicare, Medicare Supplement, Medicare Advantage, and Medicare Part D concepts are enhanced by our Advanced Medicare courses, which are updated yearly at WebCE. Courses are available through NAMSA in both printed and/or web based learning. We follow that with a continual updating to our members through our association newsletter, the NAMSA Newsletter. For more information, visit www.webce.com/namsa.