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The Transportation Risk Insurance Professional (TRIP) program is a continuing education curriculum focusing on the insurance and risk management needs of the transportation industry, with an initial focus on trucking, air cargo, rail and ocean-going freight. When you complete the program you will be entitled to display the TRIP certification to certify your knowledge of transportation insurance and risk management, as well as your dedication to the transportation industry.


TRIP Certification Program
Complete all five parts of the TRIP core curriculum and earn your TRIP certification. TRIP certification holders have exclusive access to valuable tools from IRMI to market your specialized knowledge. 

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Stay Up-to-date With Your Industry
Courses for your TRIP certification and reaccreditation are always written by industry experts and regularly updated to keep you in the know. You can trust you are receiving the latest information for a successful career in the transportation insurance and risk management industry.

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Earn Insurance CE or CPA CPE
Save time by adding insurance CE or CPA CPE credit to your TRIP courses! All five core courses are approved for insurance CE and CPA CPE credit in most states. Reaccreditation courses with insurance CE and CPA CPE coming soon.  

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