Technical Requirements

For the best learning experience we recommend the following:

Supported Modern Browsers
  • EdgeHTML 80+
  • Firefox 50+
  • Chrome 80+
  • Safari 11+
  • All modern browsers, devices, and operating systems generally work, but may not be supported.

Internet Connections

  • A broadband connection is required.
  • Dialup connections may cause problems.
  • Poor or slow wireless connections, 3G connections, or satellite connections may cause problems.
  • ADSL connections with slow upload speeds may cause problems.

Security and Viruses on User PCs
  • Security packages that dynamically inject JavaScript into pages as an anti-popup measure will interfere with our website, and is not supported. This specifically includes some versions of Norton/Symantec.
  • Viruses on infected PCs may cause problems and are not our responsibility.
Test Result Requirement You Required for...
Operating System Fail Windows 7+, Mac OS X 10.8+, iOS 9+, Android 6+ Unknown ...viewing the website correctly.
Browser Fail EdgeHTML 80+, Firefox 50+,
Safari 11+, Chrome 80+
Unknown 0 ...viewing the website correctly.
JavaScript Enabled ...interacting with the website.
Session Cookies Enabled ...remaining signed in.
JavaScript Messaging Enabled ...saving quiz answers.
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