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What is CSFS®?

CSFS® is a certification developed by HCAA (Health Care Administration Association) to increase awareness and understanding of the self funded option for the employer community.  It is a seven course curriculum that once successfully completed, culminates in a designation of Certified Self Funded Specialist®.

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Why is CSFS® something I need as a Broker/Consultant?

Over half of all consultants and brokers do not have a professional designation.  This designation not only demonstrates your interest in the industry, but improves your understanding of the how to deliver this option for your clients.
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Why is CSFS® important for my clients?

In this economic climate, it is crucial to provide diverse plan and funding options for your clients.  CSFS® offers education on many additional aspects of self funding that the student might not be aware of which will suggest additional alternatives for their clients.

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Where did the CSFS® materials come from?

The original source materials come from a book entitled, “Self Funding of Health Care Benefits -5th Edition”, by Carlton Harker. 

The opinions expressed in this book are those of the author, Carlton Harker, a noted expert in the self funded industry.  Mr. Harker’s publications have long been read and have been widely used by students of self funding. Health Care Administrators Association (HCAA) disclaim responsibility for views expressed and statements made in this publication.

In 2018, a team of industry subject matter experts revised the content provided by Mr. Harker and updated it with current information, state and federal regulatory changes and current concepts.

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What credits do I get for the CSFS® designation?

Upon successful completion of all 7 course modules, your information will be passed to HCAA.  HCAA will prepare a certificate of completion awarding you the ability to display your designation credentials.

In addition to the designation credit, the CSFS® coursework is approved for state insurance CE credit in every state, except Texas (CE credits are also available in Washington, DC).  If you request Insurance CE credit when you order, upon completion you will receive a certificate of completion from WebCE.  In addition, WebCE will file the credits with the appropriate state agency, where required.  Course availability and credit hours will vary by state.

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How do I find out how many CE hours each CSFS® course provides for my state?

You can access the course catalog by clicking on the Course Catalog button in the left side navigation bar.  Select the CSFS® course you want, and then select the state from the drop-down box.  You will next be asked the type of license you hold.  Select the license and then the hours granted by the state, if any, will appear.  If the state has not yet granted CE for this course, a red message will appear.  You will not be charged for CE unless the state grants credit, and you request the credit. 

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How many pages are the study materials?

CSFS® courses average 140 pages but they do vary in length.  You must complete the CSFS® introduction course before you may purchase any of the remaining courses. 

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Can I keep the study material?

Yes.  The CSFS® courses may be downloaded as PDF files or printed.  You have access to the electronic copy of the course for one-year from the date of purchase.
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How will I be notified when I achieve my designation?

WebCE will notify HCAA that you have successfully completed all seven courses of the designation.  HCAA will contact you within 15 - 30 days and will present you with a special certificate that awards you the ability to use the designation.  It will also identify for you the appropriate and correct ways to list the designation in your communications, as it is a registered trademark of HCAA.   HCAA will also publicize your achievement and will list you on its website.
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When asked for "type of license" what should be provided?

When prompted on the website fo provide a license type, this is referring to a personal, professional license (e.g. a broker, an insurance agent, etc.).  Unless the student has a personal, professional license that requires either continuing education credits in order to keep the license active and in force, this question would not pertain to the student.
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What courses does WebCE offer?

WebCE offers self-study online continuing education and pre-license training courses for a variety of professional licenses and designations.

Our provider number for each license and/or certification can be found in the state requirements page, or at the bottom of your selected course catalog.

See below for a complete list of WebCE product offerings:

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What are the course delivery options available?

All of WebCE’s continuing education and pre-license training courses are available online.  Classroom Equivalent, Monitor-Free, and Interactive Exam-Free online courses are available for some licenses and designations.  PDF courses are also available for some licenses and designations. Check the “Course Catalog” for more information about courses offered.
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Creating and editing your UserID

  • In most cases, you can use your email address as your userID.  
  • If you did not create your own userID, you will receive a “New Account Creation” email from WebCE or your company compliance department, that will provide you with your userID. 
  • If you forgot your UserID, please call our support services team at 877-488-9308.

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How can I view my course history?

Your active and completed courses will be listed under the “My Courses” page in your student account.
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How do I use a promotion or voucher?

Go to the course catalog, and select your courses. Go to the shopping cart, and enter your promotional coupon or voucher number in the “Additional Discounts” box. Click “Apply” to see the discounted price.
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How do I know if my exam needs to be monitored?

Exam monitor requirements vary by license/certification and by state.  To find more information on your exam monitoring requirements, go to the “Requirements” link located at the top of the “Course Catalog” page. 

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How do I grade my WebCE exam?

  • Online exams will be graded immediately upon clicking grade exam on the last page of exam questions.
  • Paper exams must be mailed back to WebCE for grading and will be graded the day we receive the exam.
    • Before mailing your answer sheet(s) to WebCE, please make sure that your answers are clearly marked, that the compliance declarations are complete, and you and your monitor (if applicable) have signed and dated the form.
    • Retain copies of your test questions for your records.
    • Note: To ensure accurate grading, please do not fax your exams to WebCE.
    • To ensure prompt processing of your credits, please return the following:
      • Test Answer Sheet(s)
      • Affidavits or any other special forms required (if applicable)
      • WebCE customer information sheet (if your profile information must be updated)

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What web browsers can I use to view courses?

Check the Technical Requirements page for more information. 

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Do I need to download special software to view the courses?

No. Our courses do not require any special software or plugins.
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Are WebCE courses mobile friendly?

Yes.  WebCE's delivery platform is mobile-friendly and courses may be viewed without special plug-ins or browser add-ons. Check the Technical Requirements page for more information. 
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Where do I find WebCE’s Online Privacy Statement?

WebCE’s privacy statement is located within "Terms/Privacy" at the bottom of the "Home page."
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How is my personal information used?

For more information on how WebCE uses personal information collected for our products and services, please see the WebCE Privacy Policy. 
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Is the WebCE site secure?

Yes. Any time you send or receive personal or credit card information to WebCE, you will see a lock at the bottom of your browser indicating you are viewing a secure page and the data flowing to or from WebCE will be encrypted. Additionally, the data stored on WebCE’s computers is secured. We take standard precautions to ensure that our systems are secure and that they meet industry standards, including the application of firewalls for our Internet-based systems.
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