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WebCE's annuity suitability training includes all required courses needed to maintain an annuity certification or annuity license, including our 4-hour annuity training courses. This includes courses covered the NAIC's updated Best Interest standards under its revised 2020 Suitability in Annuity Transactions Model Regulation.

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Your company is unique, and your company training and corporate education programs should be too. At WebCE, we develop custom corporate education solutions uniquely designed to meet your company's needs, including annuity training.

To enhance your company's annuity training program, WebCE also offers completely up-to-date education courses for a variety of license types and designations including courses for insurance agents and producers, financial planners, CPAs, tax preparers, Enrolled Agents, and more. Hundreds of companies make our professional education courses available to their employees through discount programs, voucher programs, or invoiced programs. With our online learning portals, your company's management will also have access to real-time reports, online invitations, renewal reminders, and more.

As a WebCE partner, your company can also save significant amounts of money using our corporate discount programs. On average, our corporate clients save 20% by taking advantage of volume discounts through our invoicing programs or voucher programs.

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In , the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) approved an extensive update to its long-standing Suitability in Annuity Transactions Model Regulation. The result is a revised, consumer-focused set of standards and practices that elevate a consumer’s best interest as the core component of any and all annuity recommendations and sales.

The biggest change the model brings about is an upgrade in practice standards and requirements from ensuring the suitability of an annuity recommendation or sale to ensuring that an annuity recommendation or sale meets the consumer’s best interest. While this requirement to the client's best interest is more encompassing than the prior suitability standard, but is not a fiduciary standard.



The NAIC's revised Suitability in Annuity Transactions Model Regulation and new Best Interest standard is being adopted on a state-by-state basis, and states are not required to adopt the revision. However, if your state does not adopt the updated model regulation, this may lead to additional annuity training requirements.

The map to the right shows each state's adoption status of the updated model regulation (the “NAIC Model Regulation States”). State's that have been highlighted green on the map have officially adopted the revised Suitability in Annuity Transactions Model Regulation and Best Interest training standard, while the yellow states are considering adopting the new model regulation in the near future.

Map last updated .


Map of states adopting Annuity Transactions Model Regulation


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Announcing Exam Prep Plus: Everything New Insurance Professionals Need

by Trevor Antley | Jan 19, 2021
Exam Prep Plus For New Insurance Professionals

WebCE is excited to announce Exam Prep Plus, a new package for our P&C Exam Prep catalogs. This unique package provides customers with everything they need to successfully prepare for their Property & Casualty license exam and to launch their new careers with greater knowledge and confidence.

Our Exam Prep Plus packages contain everything in our complete exam prep packages including our Property & Casualty Agent Exam Prep courses written to the state’s current property and casualty insurance exam content outlines, along with powerful study tools including FlashTutor® flashcards and our State Exam Tutor® license exam simulator.

Exam Prep Plus enhances the learning experience with the addition of our EXCEEDTM P&C Reinforcements to help students apply and retain content. With EXCEED Reinforcements, two animated microlearning reinforcement modules will be delivered to customers every day, Monday – Friday. These can be accessed directly through their email accounts or through their student dashboard.

“We know it can be a struggle to find the right training that applies to what they learn through exam studying. We created EXCEED to help bridge that gap,” said Josh Klarin, WebCE’s Training Program Director. EXCEED Reinforcements also give insurance professionals many other added benefits as they begin their career, including:

  • Strengthened retention of exam prep concepts to increase the understanding of how P&C insurance really works
  • Real-life scenarios to help apply knowledge in a fun and engaging way while testing skills
  • Practical applications to give an edge once licensed and working with clients

To keep new insurance professionals engaged and ready for their new career, the EXCEED Reinforcements will continue to be sent to our customers’ inbox for the full exam prep course access period—even if they complete the course early!

Exam Prep Plus packages can be ordered by visiting our Exam Prep Course Catalog or by calling our support team at 877-488-9308.

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