Association of Claims Adjuster Certified Professionals

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With the CACP you can get your adjuster license in Florida and Arizona without going to a classroom or testing center. Our CACP Program has been approved to exempt insurance professionals from needing to take the state license exam. 

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Know how to get licensed with up-to-date requirements, and get all the materials and tools you need to ensure you pass on the first try.

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Every professional and profession is unique. Get more than what you need - get education you want suited to your learning style. 

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Following a proven study plan will increase your chances for success, but if you don't pass your exam on the first try, we're here to help. 

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We work with regulators to stay on top of industry changes and keep you in the know all along the way. 

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Our team uses our system to train and develop to be experts not only on the learning platform but also your education needs. 

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What started as an online insurance continuing education company has now become powerful suite of education experiences offering a variety of products for multiple industries.  We want to make sure you are getting the quality content you want and need to grow your career. 

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