5 Key Resources for Securities Professionals

By WebCE
Nov 30, 2023
What is a Broker-Dealer?

In the dynamic world of finance, staying ahead is crucial. To help, we’ve compiled five indispensable tools designed to empower securities professionals with the knowledge they need.

Elevate your expertise and navigate the ever-evolving landscape with these five essential resources.

1. FINRA's Financial Industry Networking Directory (FIND)

FINRA’s Financial Industry Networking Directory (FIND) is a new networking tool from FINRA that connects professionals and financial services firms hiring for full-time and internship positions. The program, like the SIE exam, is part of FINRA's effort to simplify entry into the industry. This also means not everyone qualifies.

Only those that meet each of the following conditions are eligible to opt into FIND:

  • Have enrolled to take the SIE,
  • Are not registered with a broker-dealer, and
  • Have not had either a broker-dealer or FINRA pay for their most recent SIE exam.

Learn more about FINRA’s SIE exam and how it also eases entry into the industry.

2. FINRA's Fee Increase Schedule

FINRA’s fee increase schedule was spread across three years, from 2022 through 2024, and across all FINRA members to ease the burden of the increased cost.

Increased fees impacted prices for Gross Income Assessment (GIA), Trading Activity Fee (TAF), Personnel Assessment (PA), member registration, and qualification examination fees.

This resource offers a price breakdown through 2024 for each fee schedule to help account for any price increases.

3. The Council on Continuing Education

The Council on Continuing Education, with liaisons from the SEC and NASAA, offers resources for both individuals and firms to meet all the requirements for Securities Industry Continuing Education Programs and the Maintaining Qualifications Program (MQP).

In short, The Council offers invaluable guides for both individuals and firms on all aspects of securities continuing education.

Individuals will find in-depth information and helpful FINRA resources on all their CE requirements, including what happens if an individual becomes CE inactive and helpful information on FINRA’s MQP.

For firms, The Council created several resources for firms to create effective CE programs, like this guide to facilitate the creation and management of Firm Element Continuing Education Programs. Plus, each year they release a Firm Element Continuing Education Survey that offers insights into how other firms are implementing their programs.

4. FinPro Resources

What is FinPro?

FinPro provides current and former representatives access to resources and tools to manage their securities registration information. Registered representatives can use FinPro to access their Regulatory Element training. Eligible individuals who terminate their registration can use FinPro to enroll in the MQP and access required MQP learning.

Helpful FinPro Resources

  1. Access FinPro - Click to create or log into your FinPro account; also includes a complete list of FinPro's features
  2. FinPro Account Creation Guide (PDF Document) - A PDF document detailing the FinPro account creation process
  3. FinPro Account Creation Guide (Video) - A video walkthrough of how to create a FinPro account
  4. How to Access CE in FinPro - FINRA's guide to accessing and completing CE in FinPro
  5. Firm Settings Guide - FINRA's guide to optional admin functions firms can control in FinPro

5. FINRA Notices & Media Center

Nearly every resource listed here in some way funnels back to a FINRA notice. The best way to stay up-to-date on all FINRA changes is to keep this link close. This year, FINRA has averaged approximately one notice every ten days (1-2 weeks).

FINRA’s Media Center offers occasional updates within the industry, posts bi-weekly podcasts, and links various other resources. One interesting resource here is FINRA’s Reports, including their annual financial report, fines reports, and annual budgets, along with a history for each.

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