Growing Your Real Estate Business in the Slow Season

By WebCE
Jul 23, 2019
Growing Your Real Estate Business in the Slow Season

Real estate agents know they see most of their income during the short summer busy season as homeowners use this time of year to purchase or sell their property. However, the real work is done during the rest of the year when agents attempt to bring on new clients and prep for the next year’s season. So, how can you capitalize on this time to take your real estate business to the next level?

Check in With Your Clients for Referrals

One of the best ways for a realtor to get new business is through satisfied customers. Now that the buying and selling season is slowing down, you can reconnect with previous clients and ask for a referral. Check in with them to find out how everything is going. Are they happy with their new place? Have they gotten settled in? 

Maybe you’re working on a real estate CE course and you need a break. Take a few minutes to call or send an email and tell them about a landscaping service or maintenance company who could help them if they need some assistance. It’s another way to make them aware of your expertise and to keep your name in mind for all things real estate. 

By contacting your prior clients, you can find a valuable referral source. If they were happy with you, they will be glad to tell others of their experience. Don’t hesitate to ask for people they know who might be planning to buy or sell within the next year or two. They understand the value of working with a realtor and will be glad to share this information with family and friends. You can continue to check in with a holiday greeting card or at other times during the off-season to keep your name in their minds if they have the opportunity to tell others about your services. 

Amp Up Your Real Estate Business’ Marketing Campaigns 

During the busy summer selling season, you’re spending your time scheduling open houses and providing tours to potential clients. Now that things have slowed down, your focus should be on your marketing campaign as you work on your real estate continuing education. 

Take the time to learn about the latest trends in real estate marketing and find one that works for you, especially real estate social media marketing. Maybe you want to learn how Instagram can bring in new clients or how to optimize Facebook ads to reach the right audience. Perhaps you need to update your website, start a blog or try video for your listings in the future. The off-season is the time to learn about these marketing tools and figure out how to include them in next year’s marketing strategy. Don’t forget to incorporate online marketing with your offline methods to garner more attention. 

Network With Other Real Estate Professionals

Next to referrals, networking with other professionals in the real estate industry or relevant businesses is the best way to get new clients. Talk to other agents and get to know what they do and who they serve. Many realtors specialize with one demographic, whether it be location, income range or other criteria. The referrals they receive that don’t quite fit into their strategy can be passed on to other agents. You can also do the same for them with referrals who are looking for a specific kind of realtor outside your realm of experience.

Besides other realtors, you should get to know trades relevant to your industry. Maybe a new HVAC company came to town or you’ve heard about a remodeler who is looking to expand their business.

Clients often ask businesses they trust to recommend other professionals. When you network, you put your name out there as someone they can mention to their customers. At the same time, you get to know what they do, so you can provide recommendations for them.

Use this off-season to expand your real estate business. It’s also a great time to work on your real estate continuing education requirements or just to get more knowledge of the industry and increase your success. To learn more about helping your real estate business grow and available real estate CE courses, visit or call our team at 877-488-9308.