How Important is Workplace Training?

By Julie S. Mendel, Senior Product Manager
Feb 27, 2019

Everyone Needs Training

The Importance of Workplace TrainingIt is common knowledge that anyone who holds a professional license of any kind has a continuing education (CE) requirement to keep it active. The timeline for completion of the CE varies from annual to every four years. But what about your employees that don’t hold a professional license? They are just as essential to your business as your licensed associates and should be provided with workplace training that keeps them current with corporate policies and procedures, state rules and regulations, and industry trends that affect their role in your organization.

Several states, most notably California and New York, require employers to provide annual sexual harassment prevention training – and in light of the “me too” movement, why wouldn’t all employers want to train their staff on this hot topic?

We are also seeing trends for cybersecurity and data protection training. Think about all of the system hacks you have read about in the news where sensitive information has been hacked from big organizations like Target, Home Depot, and Equifax. If your staff – licensed or not licensed alike – were not affected by these hacks, they likely know someone who was. It is really important that all staff members are familiar with, and can identify, phishing and spear phishing scams, denial of service attacks, malware, ransomware, and other forms of cyber-attacks. Social Media platforms are also popular tools for advertising and sharing information. Users of social media need to understand the rules surrounding use and archival of information when used in your business.

For all of these reasons and more WebCE has released a series of non-industry specific, workplace training courses to meet the needs of your non-registered, non-licensed associates. You can find more information on our website under workplace training.

Workplace Training Courses