Microlearning: How It Can Improve Your Business Results

By Josh Klarin, Training Program Director
Apr 23, 2020
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Microlearning is an effective and impactful learning methodology especially useful for busy professionals. Also known as “bite-sized learning”, microlearning consists of brief learning units that give only necessary information — and learners today are preferring microlearning more and more. Microlearning is a very effective learning strategy, and it has been shown to improve recall, impact behavior, and produce results using short and frequent scheduled and on-demand “doses” of knowledge.

More and more companies are adopting microlearning strategies for their employees — to be used for on-boarding, performance improvement, product knowledge, company-mandated training, or even for satisfying compliance requirements for licensed professionals.

What Is Microlearning?

Microlearning can take many shapes and forms, but all microlearning strategies have one thing in common: the learning modules and interactions are always focused and brief. These short bursts of content (usually between 1 and 10 minutes long) allow professionals to fit short microlearning sessions into their busy schedules.

Microlearning sessions deliver small bits or chunks of information using a variety of media. Microlearning content is available in the form of text, audio, videos, images, games, and more. When students can concentrate on short but focused pieces of information, it allows them to better retain the information and apply their new knowledge or skills quickly.

The science behind microlearning is straightforward: it leverages brain power through application, recall, and repetition. Engagement and interaction are key elements. Using different media, formats, and platforms reinforces this knowledge even further.

What Are the Benefits of Microlearning?

Microlearning has numerous benefits, both for managers and employees. The benefits of microlearning include:

  • Microlearning is flexible. Microlearning courses can cover any topic traditional learning strategies can, but microlearning gives students more freedom. Normal courses aren’t ideal for studying in short stints. Microlearning allows students to keep learning whenever they have a few minutes of spare time.
  • Microlearning boosts knowledge retention. Microlearning reinforces knowledge students have already learned, whether in a reminder lesson or by seeing an example of the idea’s application. Repeated study is ideal for microlearning units since they are brief, self-contained, and easy to return to.
  • Microlearning is more engaging. Traditional learning methods can be draining. According to a study by Microsoft, the human attention span is dwindling from an average of 12 seconds to 8 seconds. Because students use microlearning in short bursts, the learning modules keep their full attention each session.

There are specific benefits of microlearning for employees and microlearning for managers as well. Because of their short length, microlearning courses are easier to develop and update than longer traditional courses. This also makes microlearning courses more affordable for businesses.

How Can My Business Apply Microlearning?

Research shows modern professionals have an average of only 24 minutes a week to spend on training and development. This makes microlearning ideal for company training by providing employees only what they need when they need it.

Microlearning can be used to train employees on product knowledge, practical exercises for sales, human resource applications, and more. Microlearning units can also be used for reminders of what employees already know for all types of job roles, and they can allow businesses and managers to identify and address learning and knowledge gaps.

Microlearning from WebCE for Insurance Professionals

WebCE, the industry leader in online continuing education and exam prep, has partnered with International Risk Management Institute, Inc. (IRMI) to create a new training program: EXCEED. The EXCEED training program incorporates the benefits of microlearning and engages adult learners with interactive elements and application-based content, making insurance learning faster, fun, and—most importantly—effective!

In creating EXCEED, WebCE spent months reviewing the latest research on adult learning and designing the approach we would use, while a team of IRMI’s most knowledgeable research analysts went to work developing the content. Businesses in the insurance industry can now take advantage of the EXCEED program to reinforce concepts to your team and help them apply those concepts in real-life scenarios.

EXCEED will benefit insurance professionals at all levels through our focused series and weekly reinforcements. Our focused series and reinforcements cover a variety of property and casualty topics including commercial auto, homeowners, and workers comp and will continue to grow throughout the year. Each series breaks down complex insurance concepts into easy-to-digest episodes. Our weekly reinforcements include real-world scenarios to help you retain what you've learned and put your knowledge into practice.

Whether your company is looking to build a high-performing team or you are looking to surpass your career goals, EXCEED is your online learning solution. Contact our sales team today at 877-488-9322 or by email at [email protected] to get started with a demo and to ask about our introductory pricing.

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