Say Hello to the EXCEED Onboard Solution

By Josh Klarin, Training Program Director
Aug 10, 2021

One of leading causes of employee turnover in the insurance industry is the lack of structured training programs. With the EXCEED Onboard solution, agencies can receive an out-of-the-box structured training plan to quickly and effectively train their new hires. EXCEED Onboard is the perfect way for insurance companies to decrease employee turnover and increase the quality of their onboarding experience.

Say Hello to the EXCEED Onboard Solution

What is EXCEED Onboard?

EXCEED Onboard is a uniquely different training approach for producers and insurance professionals. Using interactive elements, application-based content, and real-world scenarios, EXCEED Onboard is an innovative and engaging way to train new hires. 

EXCEED Onboard creates a comprehensive, shared knowledge base among their employees. EXCEED Onboard’s unique approach of focusing on your most important lines of business first will increase the speed to competency and help you recruit to start producing faster. 

Agencies can use EXCEED Onboard for various positions within the company including agents, producers, CSRs, and other insurance professionals. 

Set Your New Recruits Up for Success with EXCEED Onboard

To get the most out of EXCEED Onboard and reduce employee turnover, managers and trainers just need to follow these three simple steps:

  1. Tell us the line of business you need your new hires trained on
  2. Execute the guided study plan with your trainee
  3. Extend the knowledge through assessment and discussion questions

Tell Us The Training You Need

Select the two or three lines of business that your new producers or trainees will be focusing on during their onboarding. Unlike less focused training plans, EXCEED Onboard increases your trainees’ speed to competency using microlearning modules focusing on important insurance topics. 

Execute the Study Plan

With EXCEED Onboard, managers have access to a study plan that guides the trainee on which episodes to view daily. The study plan breaks the material into bite-size pieces to increase retention and avoid overwhelming new hires. This also ensure your trainees have allotted time each day to complete the daily content. 

Extend the Knowledge

Consistent training is the key to developing new hires and keeping them engaged to produce results. Use the provided discussion topics and assessment questions to look for opportunities for a more in-depth conversation between you and your trainees. Once there is mastery of one topic, you can then further enhance your trainees’ retention using additional packages for continued exposure to topics your trainees may encounter as they work with clients. 

By subscribing to EXCEED Reinforcements you can increase retention further by keeping the material fresh using real-world scenarios. The Reinforcements can not only help the new hires but can also refresh the experienced staff members.  

Benefits of EXCEED Onboard

One of EXCEED’s benefits is creating a common knowledge base so your team can hit the ground running. Other benefits of EXCEED Onboard include:

  • Consistent onboard training plan
  • Decreased cost of new hire training
  • Decreased turnover expenses
  • Increased ability to generate sales/revenue
  • Speed to competence and confidence

EXCEED’s growing library will ensure you have the right training for all the products you sell. “We currently have 18 series, comprised of 244 episodes covering commercial and personal lines topics,” said Josh Klarin, WebCE’s training program director. “An individual series contains 10 to 15 specific episodes; each one stands on its own, providing a foundation of a certain topic—such as coverage exclusions or policy conditions—and can be taken in any order. We designed EXCEED to not only embrace adult learning but to create easy to use, short, impactful, and meaningful interactions.” 

Order EXCEED Onboard

Set the stage for your new recruits' success with an onboarding program that focuses on knowledge retention and application. Whether you want to build a new onboarding program from scratch or give your existing onboarding program a boost, EXCEED Onboard is the solution your company needs. 

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