Using Life Insurance for Retirement Income

By WebCE
Jan 29, 2019

WebCE Releases CE Course for Insurance Agents and Financial Planners

Using Life Insurance for Retirement Income

When most people think of life insurance they probably think these policies are for young families, planning for the future of their loved ones to help them cope with debt and the everyday cost of living in the event of the worst case scenario. However, many are starting to look at life insurance in a different way, in particular those who are close to retirement age.

WebCE is taking a more in-depth look at life insurance and how it can be used for retirement income. Our new course, Using Life Insurance for Retirement Income, will help insurance producers, financial planners, and CPAs understand how a regime of life insurance cash value withdrawals and policy loans can generate tax-free retirement income.

This all-video-based CE course features Paul Winn, CLU, ChFC, a nationally known expert on life insurance and life insurance planning. Watch and learn as he presents the concept of using the cash values of a life insurance policy – notably universal life -- to create supplemental retirement income through a regime of withdrawals and policy loans. Through the case studies presented, insurance producers, financial planners and CPAs will see how the concept works, how a plan is designed, and how such a plan is applied for the benefit of the client.

This course can be purchased on WebCE’s life insurance CE, CFP certificate CE, and CPA CPE course catalogs. It’s never been easier to fulfill your continuing education requirements and learn something new with WebCE.

To order this course, go to or call our support services at 877-488-9308.

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