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Using Social Media Marketing to Promote Your Profession

By WebCE
Apr 9, 2019
Social Media marketing for real estate agents In real estate, your image and business visibility is an important factor to your success in the industry. The power of social media marketing is immense and can allow you to reach people and markets that may have previously seemed impenetrable. That being said, social media marketing requires strategy and knowledge to be successful. Integrate these three strategies into your practice to reach more people:

Your Image

Deciding on a brand for yourself is the first step. How you want to portray yourself to your potential clients will be indicative of how you will design your website and social media. Take into account of who you are as a real estate agent and what you want to provide your clients. Are you the friendly face people could see as their own neighbor? Are you a trend-setter out to help clients find trendy homes in up-and-coming neighborhoods? Do you identify as someone who’s main priority is finding the best price value for your clients? Create an image that aligns with your own values and goals. Being genuine is the first step to creating a successful online presence. 

Your Website


Blogging is a productive way to showcase your passion and personality. Through blogging, you can become a thought leader in the real estate industry and provide insight to potential clients into how you’ll be able to help them. It also keeps your online presence up-to-date. Sharing your blogs on your social media accounts shows clients you are current on the industry trends and eager to share your knowledge. Posting your blogs on social will also drive traffic to your website. 

Search Engine Optimization

Creating keyword-rich content will allow you to be more discoverable on the internet. Creating links pointing to your website via social media will increase your page rank through search engines. Posting your new properties will keep you relevant and current, but posting evergreen content with no expiration date will have a lasting impact on your SEO strategy.

Types of Posts

There are three main formats of posts: text, photo, and video. Each type of post serves a unique purpose in reaching your audience and works best on different social media platforms. It is important to tailor your posts to the platform you are promoting on. Setting up a business account on your chosen social media platform can give you insight into which types of posts are performing the best. Monitor and use these analytics to your advantage.

Social media is a necessary marketing approach you will need to grow your business and increase your visibility.’s, a service of WebCE, course, The Power of Social Media Marketing, will allow you to create an effective and integrated social media marketing strategy that will ensure you reach your desired clients. To order our Social Media Marketing CE course and more, visit our Real Estate CE course catalog or call 888-895-8839 to speak to a member of our support services team.

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