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Alabama Real Estate Continuing Education Requirements

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Alabama Real Estate Continuing Education Requirements

Real Estate Continuing Education Provider Number: 99653

What are the Real Estate Continuing Education requirements for Alabama?

All License Types

15 CE hours total

Note: Salespersons renewing for the first time or reactivating their license must complete a 30 hour post-licensing course. WebCE does not currently offer this course. There is no post-licensing requirement for brokers.

Are there any subject area requirements for Alabama Real Estate CE?


  • Risk Management Mandatory – Initial Contact to Accepted Offer: 3 CE hours
  • Electives:12 CE hours


  • Risk Management Mandatory – Initial Contact to Accepted Offer: 3 CE Hours
  • Qualifying Broker Mandatory: 3 CE hours
  • Electives: 9 CE hours

    Effective 10/1/2022: All associate brokers and qualifying brokers who did not complete the 15-hour CE requirement for license renewal or license activation prior to October 1, 2022 must take the 3-hour Mandatory Broker CE Course to renew or activate a license. This course will also be required for all associate brokers and qualifying brokers for future license renewals.

When does Alabama Real Estate CE have to be completed?

9/30 every even year
NOTE: For timely course completion reporting, courses must be completed by 3PM on 9/30.

Can Real Estate CE courses be repeated?

Courses cannot be repeated more than once in a 2 year license term.

Can Real Estate CE course hours carry over to the next renewal cycle?

Excess hours may not be carried forward to the next license term.

What is the Alabama Real Estate license renewal process?

Online license renewal will start mid-June 2024. License renewal postcard notices will be mailed mid-July 2024. Renewal deadline without penalty is August 31, 2024. Remember to check your CE credit to ensure accuracy.

Renew online

What are the WebCE Alabama Real Estate CE course requirements?

  • WebCE courses are classified as online distance education courses.
  • Students must read the course material and answer each set of end-of-chapter quizzes with a score of at least 80 percent.
  • No more than 9 CE hours can be completed in a 24 hour period
  • Final exams are not required for CE.
  • If the end-of-chapter quiz is not passed on the first attempt, students have an unlimited number of retakes.

What is the access period for WebCE Alabama Real Estate CE courses?

12 months from the original date of purchase, unless otherwise posted on the course description page and student dashboard. Access to courses CANNOT BE EXTENDED past 12 months from the original date of purchase.

How often does WebCE report Alabama Real Estate CE course completions?

Every business day.
Licensees can check course credit on the Commission Website
Note: For timely course completion reporting, courses must be completed by 3PM on 9/30 during renewal years.

Does WebCE supply a certificate of completion for Alabama Real Estate CE courses?

Online PDF certificates of completion are available to print immediately after the course is completed. The licensee must keep a copy of each certificate of completion in his or her file for 4 years.

What are the Alabama Real Estate CE requirements for non-residents?

If your license in another state is active, you will only have to submit a certification of licensure from your state of original licensure between June and September of every even year.

Are there any CE exemptions?

The following are exempt from Alabama CE requirements:

  • Licensees who were both 65 years old prior to October 1, 2000 and held a real estate license continuously from October 1, 1990 – September 30, 2000.
  • Licensees who have complete post licensing in their first renewal cycle
  • Reciprocal licenses issued in the second year of the license period are not required to have CE at the first renewal regardless of whether or not the license remains active in their original state.
  • Licenses in inactive status. Inactive licenses must still be renewed and renewal fee must be paid. CE must be completed to return to active status.

Who to contact for additional questions

Alabama Real Estate Commission

  • Address: 1201 Carmichael Way, Montgomery, AL 36106
  • Phone: (334) 242-5544
  • Fax: (334) 270-9118
  • Website:
This information is based on state laws and regulations and is subject to change. WebCE makes every effort to make sure this information is current and accurate, however, WebCE is not engaged in rendering legal or professional advice and shall not be held responsible for inaccuracies contained herein. We urge you to check with your state's licensing department for complete and current information about its licensing rules and requirements.
Last updated on 4/26/2024