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FL General Lines (2-20) Property & Casualty Exam Prep Complete Package

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This exam prep package provides everything you need to successfully prepare for Florida’s General Lines (2-20) Property and Casualty Insurance License examination. 

It includes the FL General Lines (2-20) Property & Casualty Exam Prep Course covering Florida’s current property and casualty insurance exam content outline in the following categories: 
  • General Insurance Principles
  • Property Insurance Principles 
  • Casualty Insurance Principles
  • Florida Property and Casualty Insurance Laws and Regulations
Included with your course are two powerful study aids:
  • State Exam Tutor®, our powerful diagnostic testing tool which provides unlimited customizable practice quizzes and complete state exam simulations.
  • Flash Tutor® Property & Casualty flashcards, a unique drill-and-practice tool you can use on any device to put your insurance knowledge to the test.
IMPORTANT: Florida Department of Financial Services regulations recommend that general lines (2-20) property and casualty license candidates obtain the latest edition of the Florida General Lines, Adjuster and Industrial Fire Manual from the Florida Association of Insurance Agents ( 850.893.4155). Both the FAIA Manual and the WebCE FL General Lines course fully covers the 2-20 General Lines exam content outline. 
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Florida General Lines Insurance Producer Course 200.00

Florida General Lines Insurance Producer Exam Tutor 0.00

Property & Casualty Flash Tutor 0.00

Exam Requirements: Self-study exams are closed book and do not require a monitor.

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