Iowa 8-Hour Real Estate Law Update


This 8-hour real estate law update course provides a comprehensive overview of important issues that licensees encounter in their day-to-day real estate practice. Laws and rules affecting agency, licensing, trust accounts, fiduciary duties, and disclosure obligations are explained. The course also explores why it's critically important to comply with federal and state fair housing laws and advertising rules, and explains HUD's guidance on service animals and emotional support animals. The course concludes with a review of common antitrust violations in the real estate industry and the penalties that may be imposed.

This course meets the 8-hour mandatory Iowa law update course requirement.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion, students will be able to:

  • describe how agency relationships are established
  • explain the professional organizations and organizations relevant to real estate licensees
  • describe the various compensation models that salespersons and brokers may use
  • recognize the types of activities that unlicensed assistants may and may not perform
  • list the different protected classes in Iowa and under the Fair Housing Act
  • describe the advertising rules that licensees must follow to ensure compliance with fair housing laws
  • explain the types of acts that violate federal and state antitrust laws

Designed For

Real estate salespersons and brokers in Iowa

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