Fair Housing (CA)


Although the federal Fair Housing Act was enacted over 50 years ago, housing discrimination continues to be a problem in the country. This course reviews fair housing protections under federal and California law, discusses the characteristics of protected classes, and explores acts that constitute fair housing violations. It also examines licensees' specific duties to ensure that their advertising and other business practices comply with fair housing laws.

This course includes the required interactive participatory component and meets the three-hour fair housing course requirement in California.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion, students will be able to:
  • understand California and federal fair housing laws relating to the sale and rental of real estate
  • describe practices that could be considered discriminatory in commercial and residential transactions and facilities
  • explain the voluntary affirmative marketing agreement (VAMA) and its application in the real estate industry
  • identify fair lending practices and the obligations of those who use consumer credit reports
  • describe the protections afforded to blind and other physically disabled persons in housing accommodations

Designed For

Real estate salespersons and brokers in California.

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