Working in Teams (IL)


Real estate teams have become a popular way for top producers to serve numerous clients at once. However, the decision to build a team raises a number of issues that must be considered carefully, such as how to legally structure a real estate business, what should be included in the business plan, how to recruit the best candidates, and what types of office policies need to be developed to standardize operational tasks. This course helps Illinois agents understand how to assemble the right combination of team members to create a successful real estate practice.

Note: Illinois real estate licensees are required to take a one-hour sexual harassment prevention training course every renewal cycle. Please note that this course does not satisfy the Illinois one-hour sexual harassment prevention training requirement that students must take. Students can fulfill the one-hour training requirement by taking WebCE’s course, Sexual Harassment Prevention Training, which is available at

Learning Objectives

Upon completion, students will be able to:

  • understand the advantages and disadvantages of working in a team
  • identify the components that should be included in a real estate team's business plan
  • describe the key roles that need to be filled on a team
  • explain the office policies that every team should implement
  • recognize the common areas of risk in a real estate practice, including the unauthorized practice of law, fair housing violations, and ensuring compliance with Illinois licensing, advertising, and other laws

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