Management and Supervision


Brokers have important duties when it comes to supervising and managing the real estate activities of their firm. They are responsible for the proper handling of trust funds and transaction records and must also ensure that salespersons and associate brokers act with honesty and integrity when working with clients.

This course explains brokers' responsibilities to supervise all transactions involving a real estate license and to establish office policies and procedures to keep offices running smoothly. It also includes a number of real-life case studies that demonstrate what can happen when brokers fail to fulfill these duties.

This course meets the 3-hour Management and Supervision requirement.

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Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • explain the types of policies and procedures that must be established to review, inspect, and manage offices
  • list the record keeping and electronic storage requirements that licensees must comply with
  • explain the proper handling of trust funds
  • discuss the advertising rules that must be followed to ensure compliance with federal and California laws
  • explain the obligations of teams regarding business names
  • identify brokers' responsibilities to manage and supervise associate brokers, salespersons, employees, and others in the brokerage

Designed For

California supervising brokers and salespersons

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