New York Regulation 187: Suitability and Best Interest Standard


New York's revised Regulation 187 significantly changed the standards by which life insurance producers must conduct their business practices. Are you be prepared to meet these requirements, including the "best interest of the consumer" standard that applies to all life insurance and annuity sales? This course provides a thorough explanation of New York's revised requirements, highlighting the many new responsibilities and obligations that apply to producers.

Learning Objectives

Students who successfully complete this course will be able to:

  • understand the purpose, scope, and intent of the revised Regulation 187
  • understand how the state defines the term "best interest"
  • identify the duties that producers and insurers have to ensure that a recommendation or a sales transaction—for both annuities and life insurance—meets the consumer's best interest and is suitable

Designed For

Licensed New York life insurance and annuity producers

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